About RE Innovations

Innovative Solutions for Renewable Energy Product Development

Innovative Solutions for Renewable Energy Product Development

RE Innovations LLC (REI) was imagined and created in 2019 with the simple goal of providing innovative product development, testing and certification solutions to a wide variety of renewable energy products, services, and technologies. Backed by a decade of renewable energy design, testing, standardization, certification and conformity assessment expertise our objective at RE Innovations is to find the most cost-effective path to solve your energy concerns; be it development of your own product through a certification process, sizing and purchasing an appropriate renewable energy system, or standardized testing and evaluation to support your product/system certifications. RE Innovations can also provide support for the development of procedures and quality management system documents in support of your test or certification programs. RE Innovations utilizes a large network of qualified engineers, consultants, and contractors to get your job done quickest and cheapest, without sacrificing in quality.


Our Experts

Joseph Spossey

Joseph M Spossey has shown strong commitment to developing innovative ideas for national and international standardization for the wind energy industry. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2009 he joined Intertek and has since demonstrated exceptional capabilities and dedication to the advancement of wind energy technologies, standards, and testing activities on behalf of the U.S. industry. In 2016 Mr. Spossey was recipient of the Next Generation Award presented by the American National Standards Institute for his work in standardization in the global wind industry. A highly committed volunteer leader in international standardization activates, Mr. Spossey represented the US National Committee at the International Electrotechnical Committee General Meeting in 2015 in Minsk, Belarus as a recipient of the IEC Young Professionals Award. He participated actively in several mirror/shadow committees under the US Technical Advisory Group for IEC Technical Committee 88, wind energy generation systems, in support of development of IEC 61400 wind turbine standards and IECRE Operational documents. Mr Spossey has also served as a member of the AWEA Standards Committee, and member of the UL 6142 STP on small wind turbine systems. Mr.Spossey brings over a decade of high-level certification process management and technical management expertise, starting as an entry-level wind turbine test and certification engineer for Intertek Energy in Cortland, NY. Over the years further developing the expertise in wind turbine component and system certifications with the development of the Intertek Small Wind Regional Test Center, and the achievement and maintenance of accredited test and certification body status. Mr. Spossey founded RE Innovations in order to continue to provide exceptional quality wind turbine standardization and conformity assessment evaluation and support, in addition to providing a wider range of renewable energy related product and system development support and advisory services.

Committees, Standards, & Other Volunteering for REI

RE Innovations is a actively involved with the groups listed as a leader in the renewable energy industry:

Distributed Wind Energy Association
American Renewable Energy Standards and Certification Association
IEC Technical Committee 88 Wind Energy Generation Systems
American Clean Power Association (ACPA)
IEC TC88 Maintenance Team 2 (MT2) –Safety of Small Wind
IEC TC88 MT12 – Maintenance of the IEC61400-12 Series
UL Standards Technical Panel 6142 – Small Wind Turbine Systems

Innovative Solutions for Wind Turbine Certification

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