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Discover our wide range of services that provide innovative solutions for your renewable energy product development needs.

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At RE Innovations LLC, we offer a range of services to meet your renewable energy product development needs. Our team of experts specializes in distributed wind services and certification project management. Contact RE Innovations today to help you develop successful strategies today for clear path to certification tomorrow.

Distributed Wind Services

Standardized & Custom Testing and Analysis

Wind Turbine Certification

Certification Project Management

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Distributed Wind Services

At RE Innovations, we play a pivotal role in fostering the successful implementation of wind projects by addressing challenges, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and maximizing the overall return on investment for our clients in the rapidly evolving renewable energy landscape.

Development of Certification Plan or Guidance Documents

Assistance for, or participation in, grant proposal opportunities such as CIP, SBIR, and others

Standardization and Conformity Assessment Support

Standardized & Custom Testing: Ensuring Quality and Performance in Renewable Energy

At RE Innovations, we understand the importance of standardized and custom testing and analysis in the renewable energy industry. Our comprehensive testing services help ensure the quality and performance of your renewable energy products.

Development of complete test plan for pre-, prototype, and certification type testing

Wind turbine testing including power performance, acoustics, duration, safety and function, design data, loads measurement, and component load testing such as blades, and others

Prototype or custom test development, monitoring, analysis and reporting

Electrical product safety testing for applicable certification standards and requirements for various markets

Wind Turbine Certification

At RE Innovations, our wind turbine certification services are tailored to ensure the highest standards of reliability, safety, and performance for your wind energy projects. We provide comprehensive assessments, evaluating the design, manufacturing processes, and operational capabilities of wind turbines to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Certification of Small Wind Turbines for various national and international product safety and performance standards

Certification of Large Wind Turbines in support of IEC 61400 series evaluation and testing, and other national and international standards

Preliminary Desktop Documentation reviews supporting C- and D- Design Assessments, or other IEC 61400 or similar requirements

Type Testing and Manufacturing Evaluation

Electrical product safety certification scoping and preliminary documentation reviews. Test planning for applicable certification standards and requirements for various markets of components and systems of small and large wind turbines

Certification Project Management

At RE Innovations, we can oversee the comprehensive process of obtaining certification for wind turbines, ensuring that they comply with industry standards and regulations. Our objective is to streamline the path to certification, enabling the successful deployment of wind turbines that meet the necessary criteria for widespread use in the renewable energy sector.

Product or System Certification planning, scoping and guidance

Gap analysis and documentation assistance

Management of Product or System Certification and liaise with test and certification bodies for quick and compliant results

Performance of compliant in-house witness testing when available

Support both international products entering the US market, as well as those sold internationally from the US or other countries

Other Services

At RE Innovations, we have additional services to offer. Feel free to reach out; we're eager to assist you with any of your global renewable energy initiatives!

Project / Offshore Wind Turbine Certification & Due Diligence

Accreditation and Audit Support Services

Other Renewable Energy Services

Innovative Solutions for Wind Turbine Certification

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